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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

How have you been learning how to write? Maybe you have checked out every book on writing in the library. Maybe you've been learning through trial and error. Or even better, maybe you've attended a writing conference!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the craft of writing or have a long backlist of published novels, we all attend conferences for the same reason: to become more effective and successful storytellers. Getting the training you need, meeting the right people, and even pitching your story are huge leaps forward in your career.

But sometimes conferences aren’t in the cards. We have interviewed a LOT of authors, asking what their biggest challenges are that keep them from attending writing conferences. Here are the most common answers:

"It's just too far away."

"I can't justify the cost."

"That weekend isn't going to work for me."

"I get so overwhelmed."

And they aren't alone in these struggles. In fact, this year we found ourselves in the same boat as many of you!


Rachel Huffmire (Co-founder) :

Earlier this year, I got 5 texts from dear friends.

"Are you going to the conference?!"

I LOVE writers' conferences. They are a staple of my career. Without them, I wouldn't have my writing group of 7 years, or have gotten my first publishing deal. But the truth was, this year, I had a few big travel obstacles that meant I couldn't go to ANY of them. 😔

Karma Chesnut (Co-founder):

Throughout my writing career, my relationship with writers' conferences has gone from starry-eyed to on-again-off-again. Whether in-person or live online, coordinating conferences around my schedule (and my husband's...and my kids') was such a pain that it was easier to say "forget it" than try to handle the A Beautiful Mind-type math required to pull it off. Then, if I did manage to make it to a conference, I was quickly overwhelmed by the endless barrage of what felt like a month's worth of information crammed into a single weekend.


So, we did what any sane... normal... totally responsible authors would do.

We started our own online writing conference.

Why? Because the more we talked to colleagues, the more we realized we're not alone in these challenges. Conferences are amazing. But, through no fault of their own, sometimes they just aren't accessible.

So that's the goal. To make the most ACCESSIBLE and APPLICABLE online writing conference for anyone who wants to jump deeper into the publishing world.



Even though I thought it was a good idea, I had no clue that such an amazing team would quickly jump on board. In a matter of two weeks of pitching my idea, I had dozens of presentation proposals rolling in. After selecting 15 amazing industry professionals and taking on an incredible co-founder, Karma Chesnut, things are coming together faster than I ever imagined!


I soon as Rachel told me about her idea for Author Capital, I knew I NEEDED to be a part of it, and - luckily - she was just as thrilled to have me on board as I was to work with her. It's such a simple and amazing idea: create a writing conference scheduled around the user. Once we got the ball rolling, it's been incredible to see how many authors have rallied behind us and how quickly we've been able to bring this all together.


So, if taking time out of your schedule or affording a writing conference isn’t in the cards for you this year, we want to bring you a different opportunity. Because the Author Capital Conference wants to be here for YOU when you need it.

We know we're not the only online writing conference. In fact, over the past few years, a whole new array of virtual conference options have opened up. Going virtual helped solve a lot of accessibility problems, but virtual events can also have their challenges. Technical problems, presenters talking away from the camera, and household distractions can keep us from feeling a part of all the action.

That's why Author Capital is focusing on a few crucial differences. . .

1. Registration is only $119

Often, virtual conferences cost the same amount as their live event counterpart. But without physical space to rent, travel compensation, and other fees, our online conference can afford to pay our presenters for their high-quality content while charging only a fraction of regular registration.

2. All the classes are pre-recorded

It's no fun feeling left out. One of the hardest things we experienced at live virtual conferences was the feeling that you're somehow still missing out on all the fun. When a presenter is talking to someone else (aka a room full of live participants) it's easy to feel like an outsider eavesdropping. Or, say someone in the classroom makes a comment that the microphone can't pick up; then the presenter answers their question without context - so you definitely feel like you're missing something. Or, even worse, when the class you REALLY wanted to attend has technical difficulties or conflicts with your schedule, so you don't even get the opportunity to attend.

That's why Author Capital's classes are all pre-recorded with presenters looking directly at the camera. Because we want you to know that we're talking to YOU. This is a one-on-one virtual experience, where you can't miss out on anything.

3. You have access to the conference for a full year

Life is full of schedules and interruptions. If an online event is scheduled during an inconvenient hour, or - heaven forbid - a child needs your attention in the middle of a life-changing class, we believe you should be able to press pause.

We also believe this is important because - let's face it - conferences are exhausting and information overwhelm is real. Plus, sometimes a presenter can say the exact right thing you needed to hear and you need to go apply it to your manuscript before you forget! Author Capital allows you to take learning at your own pace whenever you're ready to learn!

So, why is Author Capital such an amazing option? Because:

1. We care about it being affordable.

2. You can access it no matter where you live.

3. Pre-recorded means there are no technical difficulties and the presenters are speaking directly to you.

4. This conference is here whenever you need it.

So, if taking time out of your schedule or money out of your pocket for a writing conference isn’t in the cards for you this year, we hope you'll keep us in mind. Because the Author Capital Conference wants to be here for you when you need it.

Want to check out our list of courses? Click the button below and watch all the introduction videos for free!

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