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What to Expect When You're Expecting an Audiobook


Rachel V. White

About the Course

You're ready to publish, and you're wondering how to make your story an audiobook. How do you find a narrator? How can you tell they're good once you've found them? What should you expect to pay for the project? Come get answers to these questions and more, and learn how to make your audiobook project a success!

Your Instructor

Rachel V. White

Rachel V. White

Rachel V. White is the audiobook narrator of three novels. She uses her booth as a quiet hideaway when she's not recording. Her audiobooks include "The Mirror Chronicles" series by Rachel Huffmire and "Second Star" by Bree Moore.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Why Audiobooks?
Chapter 2: ACX and Findaway Voices
Chapter 3: Auditions
Chapter 4: Production
Chapter 5: Pricing

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