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Website 101

How to Build a Professional Website Without Hyperventilating and Other Helpful Tips

Lisa Crandall

About the Course

You no longer need to be a web developer to build a quality website; however, with the overwhelming number of available options, it can be difficult to know where to start, or how to choose the option that will work best for you.

This class will walk you through the fundamentals of creating a website, from the earliest planning stages to the final technical details. We’ll walk through how to assess your current and future needs so you can choose the right tools for your budget and skillset. And we’ll talk about breaking your project down into manageable steps, including branding, content creation, design, and web development, so that you end up with a powerful tool to support your marketing efforts.

Your Instructor

Lisa Crandall

Lisa Crandall

Lisa Crandall is a web developer, writer, and chronic over-thinker. As a full-time web developer, she has worked at agencies specializing in digital marketing and revenue growth strategy, while her freelance business focuses on helping authors get setup with the marketing tools they need. Her educational background includes a degree in Technical Communication and Rhetoric, graduate work in Visual Communication Design, and a way-too-short semester at Disney World.

Lisa is an Arizona native currently living in Vermont. When she’s not building websites, writing, or complaining about the cold, she’s usually off wandering haunted ruins or exploring nearby cities. You can find her at

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started
Chapter 2: Planning Your Website
Chapter 3: Designing Your Website
Chapter 4: Building Your Website
Chapter 5: Conclusion

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