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The Dark Night of the Soul

Why We Make Our Characters Suffer For Their Own Good

Melinda Carroll

About the Course

All successful authors are a bit sadistic at heart. They know that conflict drives any good story, no matter the genre, and there's no better way to create conflict than making our characters suffer. This class will cover what that means for your characters and how to push them to grow and change in ways that will resonate with readers. We will also cover how to plot the micro-conflicts that must happen in every scene. Finally, we'll go through the ways to lead your character through their darkest night to ultimately defeat the antagonist and become the hero your reader deserves.

Your Instructor

Melinda Carroll

Melinda Carroll

Melinda Carroll has worked behind the scenes in the writing world for years, from organizing conferences to serving on writing boards. She's written for political newsletters, worked as a press secretary for a Congressional campaign, and helped edit and review several manuscripts that went on to get published in the national market. In addition, she's taught workshops for several organizations including the ANWA Conference and Ready, Set, Write, and guest-hosted multiple times for the So You Think You Can Write podcast. She currently serves as President of the American Night Writers Association, a national non-profit writing organization. Her romantic comedy, The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart, is available now on Amazon, along with her short story, Love or Bust, in the anthology Kismet: Tales From a Dating App. Her next novel, My Accidental Boyfriend for Christmas, will be available in December 2022.

Course Contents

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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