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Prewriting and Character Journaling to Dig Deeper


Camille Smithson

About the Course

Do you ever lose your main characters behind a great plot idea or the mess of drafting and redrafting? Do your characters ever do something completely inconsistent, leaving you to figure out why?

Join me to learn prewriting practices and character journaling tips that can help deepen your characters, keep your storyline consistent, and help you (and your readers) fall in love with your stories.

Caution: Using these tips may even help you draft faster.

Your Instructor

Camille Smithson

Camille Smithson

Camille lives in Utah with her fantastic husband, four energetic kids, and a clever fish named Holly. She loves writing adventure stories, where the ‘happily ever after’ only happens after things get really crazy, and the good guy always wins. When she isn’t writing (or reading), Camille is a self-proclaimed science geek—who has only rarely endangered her kids with all their awesome science experiments—and a civil engineer, working locally to help rural communities around the state.

Camille has three sweet romance novellas published in anthologies, and her middle-grade fantasy debuts July 5, 2022.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Pre-writing and Brainstorming
Chapter 2: Pre-writing and Logline
Chapter 3: The Power of Why and Character Development
Chapter 4: Plotting and Journaling Prompts

Downloads Include:
Pre-writing and Character Journaling Workbook

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