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Leveraging Social Media for a Successful Book Launch


Chrisella Herzog & Shireen Hosseini

About the Course

Marketing can often be one of the most overwhelming parts of launching a book for any author, but especially new authors. The rules of marketing can seem to change quickly. The industry is fast-paced and today’s world caters more toward larger corporations than small, independent types.

So how can you still leverage a digital world to reach your audience and have a successful book launch?

Marketing doesn’t have to be so daunting. With the right tools and guidance, you will be empowered to launch your book with confidence!

Your Instructor

Chrisella Herzog & Shireen Hosseini

Chrisella Herzog & Shireen Hosseini

Humble & Hustle Studios makes marketing suck less! Our Utah-based agency has been helping businesses build their brands and develop successful marketing strategies since 2012.

Chrisella Herzog is the CEO and Founder of Humble & Hustle Studios. She started the company to help small businesses and entrepreneurs develop their brand, tell their story, and grow their business through both organic and paid marketing. Outside of work, Chrisella enjoys skating with Wasatch Roller Derby, where she hasn’t broken…many…bones. In her free time, she can usually be found playing with her two dogs, Layla and Lilith.

Shireen Hosseini is a digital strategist and project manager for Humble & Hustle Studios. Her academic background in history provided her with experience in project planning, research, and time-management, and makes her a dedicated (and patient) taskmaster. Outside of work, Shireen loves to spend time with the love of her life, her dog, Sherlock, and also her fiance. She also loves to travel and is excited to be able to explore the world again.

Together, Chrisella and Shireen have a podcast dedicated to making marketing make sense: The Ladypreneurs Podcast.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started
Chapter 2: Knowing Your Audience
Chapter 3: Understanding Algorithms and How to Use Them to Your Advantage
Chapter 4: Understanding Analytics
Chapter 5: Getting Your Audience Invested in YOU
Chapter 6: Evergreen Content VS Trends
Chapter 7: Outro

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