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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Rachel Huffmire, Co-founder

About the Course

Sharing your creativity can feel incredibly vulnerable. Have you ever recognized a little voice in the back of your head telling you that your work isn’t good enough or that you’re an utter fraud? That’s imposter syndrome at work trying to halt you in your tracks! But, luckily developing a strong immune system against imposter syndrome can help you close the door on imposter syndrome and open you up to the full freedom of your creative self.

In this keynote, we’ll start by focusing on what’s going on inside our minds when imposter syndrome strikes, and explore ways to strengthen our healthy neural pathways. Then, we’ll focus on your inner and outer identity, showing how it can impact your success. And finally, we’ll explore ways to become one of the most confident writers in the industry. So, come watch this keynote address, and become stronger than imposter syndrome so it can’t stop you from sharing those beautiful stories that only you can tell.

Your Instructor

Rachel Huffmire, Co-founder

Rachel Huffmire, Co-founder

Rachel Huffmire is an award winning author who writes refreshing retellings with twisty plots and happily ever afters.

She lives with her husband, three children, and a library of books that is slowly overtaking their house. It’s not her fault, honest. When she’s not writing, Rachel enjoys baking apple pastries, taking long naps, and wearing warm cardigans.

If you love fairytale retellings too, you can sign up for Rachel’s monthly newsletter at for a community that loves folklore, fiction, and fantasy! You can also chat with her on Instagram @rachelhuffmire.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: What is Imposter Syndrome?
Chapter 2: The Imposter in Your Mind
Chapter 3: Your Writer’s Identity
Chapter 4: The Most Confident Writer in the Industry

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