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Hack Your Brain

Writing with ADHD

Bree Moore

About the Course

As a writer with ADHD, you deal with a unique set of problems that can get in the way of your publishing dreams, such as forgetfulness, lack of focus, hyperactive perfectionism, anxiety, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, sensory issues, and malfunctioning dopamine receptors.

This class will guide you through identifying where you get stuck in your story-creation process and help you turn your ADHD weaknesses into strengths.

You'll walk away with the tips, tools, and resources you need to "hack" your brilliant ADHD brain so you can write, edit, publish, and market the stories clamoring for attention in your mind.

Your Instructor

Bree Moore

Bree Moore

Bree Moore is a fantasy writer with ADHD. She has published 17 fiction and non-fiction books as an indie author, all by the age of 30.

Bree Moore discovered and embraced her ADHD diagnosis in 2021 and immediately recognized that the unique way her brain processes information and develops ideas has led to her success as an author.

She aims to help other neurodiverse writers overcome the stigmas surrounding their conditions and find sustainable and inclusive paths to maintaining careers as published authors.

Bree lives in Iowa with her husband, six children, and two cats. When she's not busy homeschooling or folding laundry, she sneaks off to write more fantasy novels.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Tips for Focusing
Chapter 2: The Myth of Writer’s Block
Chapter 3: Multiple Projects and Deadlines
Chapter 4: Publishing Options for Writers with ADHD

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