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Contracts for Creatives


Dacia M Arnold

About the Course

Authors wear many hats. Contract Negotiator is one few are comfortable with. This class will familiarize you with different types of contracts, the various parts of a contract, and what to look for to ensure a clear, fair, and mutually beneficial agreement.

Your Instructor

Dacia M Arnold

Dacia M Arnold

Dacia M Arnold is a traditional and independently published author. During the pandemic, she managed contracts used to create the alternate COVID hospitals. After spending 10 years as a combat medic in the US Army, Dacia carries her genuine desire to help others into her literary career. Her combined experience as a contract administrator and fellow creative gives her a unique perspective to share concerning such uncharted publishing waters as contracts.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started
Chapter 2: The Framework
Chapter 3: Types of Contracts
Chapter 4: Contract Principles
Chapter 5: Parts of a Contract
Chapter 6: Main Contract
Chapter 7: Scope of Work
Chapter 8: Best Practices

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