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A Whole New World


Sammie Trinidad

About the Course

Calling all fantasy lovers! How do you build a world? Where do you start? What details are fluff and which are fascinating? In this class, we’ll explore the basics of world building in a way that’s easy to implement right away.

Your Instructor

Sammie Trinidad

Sammie Trinidad

Sammie Trinidad is a proud "Filipina Wonder Woman”. Having fallen in love with writing at the age of nine, she dabbles in many genres but especially favors fantasy, magical realism, creative non-fiction, contemporary, and short fiction. Her short stories have been published in the League of Utah writer anthology as well as the Eagle Con anthology. The three T's are important to her: traveling, tacos, and time with family.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started
Chapter 2: Why World-building
Chapter 3: Place and Magic
Chapter 4: Worldview
Chapter 5: Social Structure
Chapter 6: Culture, Appropriation, and Coding
Chapter 7: Examples
Chapter 8: Wrap-up

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