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A Rebel with a Plot


Jentry Flint

About the Course

There are many different ways to plot a story. But how do you find the right structure that works for you and your story's needs? In this class we are going to compare and contrast 3 different plotting structures (Seven Point Story Structure, Save the Cat Writes a Novel, and Romancing the Beat) so you can compare the similarities, see the differences, and discover where certain beats can be interchanged between the structures, all to make that compelling arc that your readers will be staying up all night to read.

Not every story is the same, so why should your plotting structures be?

Your Instructor

Jentry Flint

Jentry Flint

Jentry Flint is a bookworm-turned-writer with the propensity to try just about anything. She has two novellas published with Literary Crush Publishing, and her first full-length novel will be published with Shadow Mountain Publishing in May of 2022. Her true love of history led her to write historical fiction--it was the kissing scenes that were completely unexpected. She lives in sunny southern Utah with her husband and two daughters, where they enjoy mornings on the trail, afternoons in the water, and evenings on the couch.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Act 1
Chapter 2: Act 2
Chapter 3: Act 3

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